18 Hole Event

18-hole events will be one-day events. If all players are not able to complete stipulated round, entry fees will be refunded less the 3% administrative fee. There will be no cut.

All 36 Hole Events

36-hole events will be two-day events. Maximum field size will be determined on an event to event basis and noted on the website. There will be no cut. There will be an optional second day event for all players "outside the money" after round one. If for any reason, all players are unable to complete all stipulated rounds in the allotted time the committee has the right to reduce the event to 18-holes.

All 54 Hole Events

54-hole events will be three-day events conducted at one or multiple golf courses. Maximum field size will be determined on an event to event basis and noted on the website. There will be a cut to top 33% and ties after 36-holes of play. There will be an optional two-day event for any players "outside the money" after round one. If for any reason, all players are unable to complete all stipulated rounds in the allotted time the committee has the right to reduce the event to 36 or 18-holes.

Entry Fee

2015-2016 Winter Series Membership

- $100

36-Hole Event

-$360 | Members
-$390 | Non-Members
-$250 | Amateurs

54-Hole Event

-$700 | Members
-$775 | Non-Members
-$500 | Amateurs

Payment Options

Credit Card payments will be accepted online and onsite. Cashier checks will be accepted at any time. Personal checks will be accepted from members only. All credit card payments must include 3% administrative fee. Cash payments will be accepted by members only.


Entry Deadline

The entry deadline for each event will be 6:00 PM est. (1) days prior to the start of the event. This is approximately (14) hours before the first tee time. Please be sure to register early. Any players registering after this time will be assessed a $20 late fee. 

Withdrawl Policy

Players may withdraw without penalty up to 6:00 est. (1) day prior to start of event and receive full refund. Players withdrawing after this deadline and prior to event will receive refund less $50 service fee. No show or withdraw the day of event or after start of event will result in forfeiture of entry fee.

Electronic Devices

Events will be open to male and female professionals as well as amateurs.

Electronic Measuring Devices

Electronic measuring devices that do not measure slope and/or wind will be allowed.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones or any other electronic device will be prohibited during a stipulated round. *exception: use is allowed to contact committee for rulings.

Alcohol & Illegal Drugs

Consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs during a stipulated round will result in immediate disqualification.

*The committee reserves the right to suspend the alcohol policy in events such as pro-ams or other outings that may be scheduled in the future.

Golf Cars

Participants will ride in cars for all events unless noted on website for individual events. Caddies will be allowed to ride provided availability and/or individual course policy. Tournament committee reserves the right to stipulate caddy riding policy on tournament by tournament basis. Spectators will only be given transportation if allowed by facility and may include rider fee.


Checks will be available immediately following the close of competition for each event. All checks not received on-site will be mailed out the third business day after conclusion of event. Competitors will have the option to pick up checks on-site of next event. The competitor must notify the Committee prior to third business day in order to exercise this option. All Competitors are responsible for correct name and address.

All Amateurs paying discounted rate will receive 50% of allotted prize money up to maximum amount allowed by USGA rules and regulations.

*Competitors must have IRS form W-9 on file with tour prior to receiving a check.

**Competitors who are non-resident aliens must have IRS form W-8 BEN on file with tour. 30% or earnings will be withheld for taxes.

Player Conduct

Any conduct unbecoming of a professional will not be tolerated on FTP Golf Tour. Such behavior includes abusive profanity, club throwing, and any act that results in personal or private property damage. In addition, players failing to properly rake fairway and greenside bunkers will be subject to all fines that fall under the category of conduct unbecoming of a professional. Players are responsible for the conduct of their caddies and will be responsible for any fines incurred.

Breach of professional conduct will result in warnings, fines and/or disqualification. First Offense - $100 Second Offense - $200 Third Offense - $400 Each Offense Thereafter - $500 (plus possible suspension) Fines will be deducted from a player's check for that tournament. Should a player not make a check, a bill for the fine will be sent to that player online. All fines must be paid in full before the player is allowed entry into another FTP Golf Tour event. It is the responsibility of all FTP Tour players to report any behavior they witness that is deemed conduct unbecoming of a professional.


Purses will be listed before start of event and will be paid out to the top 33% and ties of each event. Amateurs who play receive half of the allotted earnings in the form of golf shop merchandise certificate for facility hosting the event.

Pace of Play

Fore the Players Professional Golf Tour will have a strict pace of play policy. Every group in the field will complete the stipulated round in four hours and fifteen minutes.

A portion of USGA rule 6-7 is as follows:

6-7. Under Delay: Slow Play

The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.


Match Play - Loss of hole. Stroke Play - Two stroke penalty. For subsequent offense - Disqualification

Note 1: If the player unduly delays play between holes, he is delaying the play of the next hole and, except for bogey, par and Stableford competitions (see Rule 32), the penalty applies to that hole.

Note 2: For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee may, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1), establish pace of play guidelines including maximum periods of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, a hole or a stroke.


Each golf course will have a time allotment per hole as part of the local rules sheet. The first group in any stipulated round will be considered to be out of position if they take more than the allotted time to play any hole or group of holes. The subsequent groups will be considered out of position if they have taken more than the allotted time and:

1. The group reaches a par four or five and the group directly ahead has already left the putting surface.

2. The group reaches a par 3 and the group in front has already left the teeing ground on the next hole.

On The Clock

All players in a group will be notified by a member of the tournament committee immediately upon falling out of position.


A player's stroke will begin to be timed when it is his/her turn to play. A player will be given reasonable time on the putting surface to fix their ball mark. Each player will have (40) seconds to play the shot. The player first to play off the tee, on the approach, and on the putting surface will be given an additional (20) seconds to play the shot.


Any player in a group out of position is subject to being timed. If a player in such group has a bad time he/she will be notified by a member of the committee of the bad time. This notification is the final warning and any subsequent bad times will result in penalty strokes. The first bad time following final warning will result in a (1) stroke penalty. A second bad time will result in a (2) stroke penalty. If there is a third bad time, the player will be disqualified and removed from the course by the tournament committee.

*There will be no exceptions to this policy. The policy will be strictly enforced and will enhance the tournament experience for all players.


Players may practice on green and surrounding area after completion of hole as long as pace of play is unaffected and the group behind not delayed.

Suspension of Play

Committee's Decision to Suspend Play: When play is suspended for a non-dangerous situation, (e.g. darkness), the players in a match or group may proceed under the provisions of Rule 6-8. If play is suspended for a dangerous situation, (e.g. lightning), and the players are between the play of two holes, they shall not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they shall discontinue play immediately and shall not thereafter resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play.

Note: A suspension for a dangerous situation shall be signaled by one prolonged air horn blast. All other types of suspension, or resumption of play shall be signaled by three short intermittent air horn blasts. If facility has automated lightning detection system it is to be disregarded. Committee will determine suspension and resumption.

Penalty For Breach Of This Local Rule – Disqualification All practice areas shall be closed during suspension for dangerous reason and remain closed until the Committee has declared them open for use.

Dress Code

All players and caddies will be required to dress in professional manner. No Denim will be allowed. Collared shirt will be worn at all times. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Only soft-spikes will be allowed. Caddies will only wear tennis or soft-soled shoes, no spikes of any kind.


Sudden death playoff will occur immediately following conclusion of play for any event.


Participants are responsible for any damage which they cause to the golf course/golf facility/property at tournament site.

FTP Management LLC reserves the right to amend policies at any time.

FTP Management LLC reserves the right to refuse entry to any player for any reason.

FTP Management LLC is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on site.